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Dear Bros and Sisters: We have arrived and been staying here in modern Bergama (Pergamum) for the past 5 days and the Lord has been good in uniting us in our direction on how to pray and see the direction this once mighty place of God has progressed.One night conclude that the church is dead here but the Spirit says, “No!!!, there may be no vibrant church here in the natural these days but I have built the same noble character that began centuries ago here through out all the world.”  Man’s kingdoms come and go but His Word stands forever!!! The Spirit has raised up a church that has done great works, suffered matrydom and withstood the attacks of Satan (Rev. 2:12) but allowed mixture to enter their midst. His hand is extended to that church everywhere in these days to repent and receive the promise He will give them. Lord, we repent of any mixture in our walk with you that we might know the fulness of the hidden manna, Your body which brings us abundant life.    The Lord has provided a nice guest house for us, we saw the temple of the fallen god Zeus and had a overcoming worhip service there proclaiming the Lord’s victory over Turkey. The Lord is now moving us on to Izmir (old Smyrna) today and we are looking forward to meeting the natural church that has survived Satan’s attacks. Here are a few pictures of the once great power known as Pergamum

10/15 We arrived at Gure, a small town 9 km. outside of Edremit after a 9 hour bus ride from Istanbul and crossing 2 bodies of water on ferries. We arrived after dark not knowing the whereabouts of the Astyra Hotel but again the Lord helped us with compassionate Turks who knew enough english to guide us to the appropriate minibuses and taxis. We had planned to celebrate Claire’s birthday here and found a place where our bodies could recuperate from the constant moving while in Istanbul. We are becoming disciplined in our daily worship and more knowledgable about the spiritual strongholds which we will be confronting as we begin the next phase of our journey, the region of the seven churches in the book of Revelation. On 10/22 we will be moving to and remaining in Bergama, where the early church of Pergamum was established (Acts 2:12-17) We will be waiting, praying and listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit and desperately need your prayers to focus on the prayer points we listed on our prayer card before leaving our nation!!! We believe The Lord has divinely connected us with His body here in Turkey and the workers in His Kingdom have helped us gain some insight into the obstacles they are facing in the reestablishment of His church. We do not know their language or culture but the Holy Spirit can give us prayers to partner with their labors so that the church will become a beacon of His Light that the hearts of many will turn to the Lord. Mt. 5:14-16   Chuck

10/14 On our last day in Istanbul the hostel owner talked us into seeing what is known as the “greatest cathedral” of all time.  Built in about 360 A.D. by the emperor Justinian of the Byzantine empire it was taken over and converted into a mosque from 1453-1931 during the Ottoman empire.  It was for me a great disappointment because of the absence of Christian artifacts which were removed, plastered over or overshadowed by Islamic symbols (see picture). There are over 72 million people in Turkey and only 5,000 Christian believers (the size of a single large church in the U.S.). That’s less than .01% of the population.   There’s considerable worship of other Gods including Allah. It’s a nation definitely worth reaching. – Claire


10/8 Two nights later we moved into the Belogu neighborhood where we heard raucous music playing through the night in our room a little bigger than our bed. This did not help our recovery from jet-lag. It was saturday when we stumbled on the Bible Society bookstore and met Zackie who directed us to the service at The River in Istanbul. We missed the Sunday service but had an awesome time ourselves in worship and the Word. We continued to meet with Zackie and his acquaintences daily and finally attended the Wed. night service at The River. The Holy Spirit showed up in a mighty way and the pastors there gave us other contacts to continue in the flow. So this neighborhood of sin became for us a place where the Holy Ghost was moving mightily. We moved from Chillout Cengo Hostel to The Galata West Hostel just adjacent to the Galata Tower in the Sushane neighborhood. This became our favorite hostel whose penthouse cafeteria and kitchen overlooked the Golden Horn tributary and the Sultanhamet; the view was awesome and we didn’t need to sleep in our protective bedsheets. Chuck

10/6  Our first hostle was in the old section of Istanbul near the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, before which I’m standing. The Lord showed His great providence in helping our airport taxi driver find our hostel at 2 am after asking several strangers and finally having a stranger lead him the final several blocks; he was undone by our inabliity to give him more than an address and began praying to Allah; we were praying in tongues to our God who answers prayer. We all rejoiced upon arriving. Chuck


We thank Javier and Melinda for getting some our friends together and sending us off with prayer and blessings. We thank everyone who came and participated in our “gentle” roasting and know your prayers are effective, as we are experiencing His presence in many new ways and have seen His protective hand over us numerous times. We will keep in touch and report upon His grace as we go. Thank you brothers and sisters and let us all rejoice as we pray together in His mighty name. With much love!   Claire and Chuck

Thank you Jeanie and Michael for giving us a sendoff party with our Concord and Trinity Counseling Center friends.  We miss you all and will do our best to report what the Lord is doing in our ventures.  We appreciate your email contacts with us. Again thank you from the both of us!  Chuck and Claire