10/15 We arrived at Gure, a small town 9 km. outside of Edremit after a 9 hour bus ride from Istanbul and crossing 2 bodies of water on ferries. We arrived after dark not knowing the whereabouts of the Astyra Hotel but again the Lord helped us with compassionate Turks who knew enough english to guide us to the appropriate minibuses and taxis. We had planned to celebrate Claire’s birthday here and found a place where our bodies could recuperate from the constant moving while in Istanbul. We are becoming disciplined in our daily worship and more knowledgable about the spiritual strongholds which we will be confronting as we begin the next phase of our journey, the region of the seven churches in the book of Revelation. On 10/22 we will be moving to and remaining in Bergama, where the early church of Pergamum was established (Acts 2:12-17) We will be waiting, praying and listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit and desperately need your prayers to focus on the prayer points we listed on our prayer card before leaving our nation!!! We believe The Lord has divinely connected us with His body here in Turkey and the workers in His Kingdom have helped us gain some insight into the obstacles they are facing in the reestablishment of His church. We do not know their language or culture but the Holy Spirit can give us prayers to partner with their labors so that the church will become a beacon of His Light that the hearts of many will turn to the Lord. Mt. 5:14-16   Chuck