Dear Bros and Sisters: We have arrived and been staying here in modern Bergama (Pergamum) for the past 5 days and the Lord has been good in uniting us in our direction on how to pray and see the direction this once mighty place of God has progressed.One night conclude that the church is dead here but the Spirit says, “No!!!, there may be no vibrant church here in the natural these days but I have built the same noble character that began centuries ago here through out all the world.”  Man’s kingdoms come and go but His Word stands forever!!! The Spirit has raised up a church that has done great works, suffered matrydom and withstood the attacks of Satan (Rev. 2:12) but allowed mixture to enter their midst. His hand is extended to that church everywhere in these days to repent and receive the promise He will give them. Lord, we repent of any mixture in our walk with you that we might know the fulness of the hidden manna, Your body which brings us abundant life.    The Lord has provided a nice guest house for us, we saw the temple of the fallen god Zeus and had a overcoming worhip service there proclaiming the Lord’s victory over Turkey. The Lord is now moving us on to Izmir (old Smyrna) today and we are looking forward to meeting the natural church that has survived Satan’s attacks. Here are a few pictures of the once great power known as Pergamum