11/10  Goreme is a town where early Christians escaped persecution from emperor Diocletus and lived in caves and underground cities. Later these dwellings also gave some protection from Muslim invaders but eventually the whole region became Islamic and these dwellings now serve as homes for local residents and tourists like ourselves. This room has become the closest thing to a home since it is very comfortable and we are getting more direction from the Lord.  We have a wonderfully warm room which shelters us from the freezing cold days and nights and the Lord has been filling us with His Word and song. Yesterday we spent half the day worshipping Him and the rest of the day walking amongst the acres of old churches hidden in the surrounding valleys and hills. Chuck   

 Imagine hiding from your persecutors for years even a lifetime in these dwellings carved into the hills.  The homes were actually built 20-40 feet off the ground and we cannot see any way to get to the entrances unless they scale the walls like Spiderman or are wall climbers! The churches, and there were many, were built on the ground level.  Today we will learn more about the underground cities the Christians built to escape certain death in 300 A.D.

As for me and Chuck, we ‘re learning daily through reading the Qu ran, other books, and talking to Muslims about the Islamic faith and differences of life style.  The primary thing we’ve learned in a nut shell is that their faith as a whole and their love for God is very strong.  Their stories that we’ve heard so far are taken from Genesis such as stories of Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jacob, etc. They have tremendous, positive regard for Jesus who they believe is a  powerful prophet and is coming again. Their fasting holiday of Ramadan is concluded with a sacrifice of sheep in their homes.  Chuck had an opportunitylast night  to describe to a learned man that Jesus is the final sacrifice to cleanse us of our sins which does away with the need for other sacrifices. We will be meeting with this man again.  Thank you for your prayers.    Love, Claire