11/20  We are staying in the old city comprised of narrow winding streets and with a people who are veryproud of their city, the supposed birth place of Abram and Job. They have a tradition of belief that Abram was thrown in a fire and the Archangel Michael protected him resulting in  King Nimrud requiring his people to turn from their idols and worshipping Abram’s God. We were standing near a mosque when the call for prayer sounded and nearly every male on the street respected the friday call to prayer. This surprised us as never had we seen such a demonstration of faith in Turkey. We search the internet under the word kilesesi (church) wherever we go and still the only functioning churches we’ve seen have been in Izmir and Istanbul. That well-covered women in the foreground is Claire in her camouflaged muslim garb. She along with all the other Turkish tourists are watching the honored carp feeding. It’s getting more difficult to communicate as we proceed eastward towards Van as hardly anyone speaks English and we’ve only acquired enough Turkish to say hello and goodbye and allowing us more and more time to be in the Word and worship.  Chuck