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10/30 St John’s Church John was purportedly matryed here after his stay on the Island of Patmos. The house of Mary, where she spent her last days is also nearby above above the Ephesian ruins. One of our greatest spiritual victories occurred here as we walked to the ruins through orchards and graveyards, off the beaten path. We were rejoicing that we could have been following in the very footsteps of Paul and eating wild figs from trees along the way. We arrived at the ruins late and the enemy briefly allowed a spirit of division to come between us but we stopped and prayed and overcame it with the blood of the Lamb and continued to rejoice even to a greater extent on the way back. We met some friends that evening and took them on the walk to see the ruins the next day to add greater praise to His victory.   Chuck

Dear Friends and Family:  We arrived on 10/26 in Izmir, the old biblical city of Smyrna, looking forward to gathering together with other believers after  a joyful celebration in Istanbul at “The River Church”. We settled in a pension down the street from this church and passed the time awaiting the sunday service but missed it as an earlier service we attended lasted 5 hours taking us past  their starting time. We passed those 4 days visiting the sights of Izmir and enjoying the beauty of the Agean Sea. The Lord has sustained us in the waiting yet as we look back we can see that the captivating history and sights of Turkey are at war with the vision the Lord has given us to grow in the mission He has promised us. We have moved 7 times (Izmir, Selcuk, Pammukale, Fetihye, Kas, Olympus) since our last post and are now settled in the town of Goreme in Cappadocia, a rich area of early Christian history where the church fled Diocletian persecution. Through those travels we have been enthralled with the sights of the Ephesian and Lycian coastal ruins, the beauty of the Turkish countryside and majestic gourges and coast of Olympus. Although His Word has never left us during our days of travels, we still recognize a huge distraction with the sightseeing mentality of all those about us and our own tendencies to not miss seeing the historical roots and beauty of their country. We have now settled in Goreme in Cappadocia and plan to stay here until the Lord makes it clear on how to overcome these temptations and we can move on with a greater focus. We believe the Lord is bringing us into a new state of unity in our discernment of the spiritual forces coming against us and a greater awareness of the roots of Islam and how the Lord is drawing this people to Himself. We are near the region of Van where earthquakes continue to destabilize the towns of the region, we would like to help out in some way but are limited in any natural way of doing so. Please pray that we understand how and where the Lord wants us to proceed from this point! We have been following the news reports on Al Jazeera and there are many natural reasons against entering the area and being of help so we need the wisdom of the Lord before making such a journey.  Love in Christ Chuck and Claire