12/12 We have been in Tel Aviv/Jaffa for 4 days and are so thankful that we have found some brothers and sisters here, something that has been lacking the past months. Saturday is the Sabbath here in Israel and only the restaurants are traditionally open. We were looking around old Jaffa and were surprised to find they have Simon the Tanner’s house identified so Acts 9:36 through Acts 10 took on a whole new flavor in our devotions. On Saturday we were expecting to go to a Living Stones congregation here that we had found on a web site before leaving the states but attended one accidentally across the street from the one we were looking for. The service was run by Christian, a Danish pastor who knows Hebrew and preached in English on Zaccharias’ prophecy in Luke; he totally glorified Jesus in a way I hadn’t considered so I appreciated his message tremendously. We all took communion and he honored the children in the congreration at the end of the service as pictured here. As we were leaving the church we noticed a Christian hostel across the street and, when we entered, we found out that the service we were looking for had been held there. It was obviously more charismatic than the one we had attended so we were tempted to be disapponted but God is good and as we hung around we met Pastor Avi and his wife, who invited us to their outreach happening daily from Monday through Friday near the hostel where we are staying. He knows Rosemary and had traveled to LA for a prayer conference for the 11/11/11 remembrance. They have a cafe outreach which we will be attending in an hour. We are so excited!!!!!