12/14 Today we walked to the neighborhhood tourist don’t see; the hood of Tel Aviv. We met Dave, Fabio, Arquian and Mettah, the latter three you see in the picture above as Dave had a speaking engagement before some governing officials of Tel Aviv. You can see a video made by NBC nightly news on their World Blog. Some things you won’t hear from them but will hear from the staff themselves is the transforming power of Jesus in their own lives and in the lives of the prostitutes! Dave sat with us in the midst of his intense management of the house and explained how Jesus transforms the lives of the remnant of people who are overwhelmed by the Father’s great love to sacrifice the life of His own Son for the cleansing of our pitiful lives here on earth. He described the few women who are lifted out of their addictions and serve the Lord out of their great thankfulness for the intimacy they experience with Him. The list of transformed women seemed lengthy as he went through the stories of the hundreds that pass through this gate of hope. As Dave and Fabio spoke of their experiences I was impressed with how Jesus uses our own personal testimonies to inspire others to live a life that is directed toward an eternal reward of peace and joy as we set our eyes on the righteousness of Jesus. We prayed with Fabio at the end and saw a man who desperately relies on the hope and faith Jesus supplies to overcome the struggles he faces all day as he extends his hands to the women Jesus is serving. Lord we pray You use us in a similar fashion to those you have given us to serve. Press on brothers and sisters!!!   Chuck