12/15Since we left Tel Aviv, we have been amazed by the Lord’s inexplicable ways. Example #1: we got on a bus from Door of Hope at night trying to get to the distribution center and introduce Medda (left of Arquian and Fabio) to Dror so she could network with him in helping  refuge families with whom she works. None of us knew or could communicate in Hebrew  what stop on the cross-town bus to take. A lady on the bus suggested we should exit and it appeared to be somewhat in the neighborhood we had been in before so without any other directives we disembarked. It turned out we were directly in front of the center. It was after closing hours but as we knocked on the door,Dror surprisingly answered the knock. They exchanged emails and discussed the needs of the refugees. We were thankful we could help them know each other. We walked with Medda into the neighborhood in which we all lived and we  introduced her to the workers at the Dugit outreach center. Even though she had lived nearby for the past 3 months, she had never known of it. Another thanks to Him.

12/17 Example #2: upon arrivng in Haifa at our apartment, we left the next morning to attend a Shebbat (saturday) service at the Kehilat Ha Carmel congregation, a referral we had been given in Tel Aviv. Our expected walk turned into an expensive cab ride 20 km. away and after enjoying the service we met Eric who ran the House of Victory rehab program, somebody that we were encouraged to meet through The Door of Hope ministry. Two days later we had journeyed to Akko, a historical crusader fortress and, while we were eating lunch, we met  Hani who ran the baptist bible bookstore next  door to the restaurant. He wanted to open a rehab house for drug addicts as  there were many in the town of Akko had serious addiction problems. We gave him information to connect him with Eric at the House of  Victory and Hani was very thankful and hopeful they could work together.

12/20 (first day of Hannukah)  Example #3:  on returning to our aptartment from a meeting with Eric at the House of Victory and after attneding the above festival, Chuck was abruptly approached in a drug store by an older Hebrew  man who showed him a prescription for medications and in Hebrew let it be known that he needed 50 Shekels ($15) to buy the meds listed on his prescription. With little hesitation he was given the money and later we both wondered whether that had been in the Lord’s will, as we hadn’t prayed over the issue, it had merely seemed like an uncontrolable urge to help a stranger. We knew that we would never know the wisdom of the move as he had taken the money and abruptly left without even an expression of thanks. We thought,Lord only You know. The following morning we were walking down the winding streets of Haifa to the port to catch a northerly train and out of the passerbys an older Hebrew man joyously approaches Chuck, embraces him and speaking in hebrew, lavishly thanks him for the help he had been given the night before. At first, we barely recognized what was happening but as we parted ways and Claire and I reviewed the happenings of the past days mentioned above and that God Almighty had been involved in every encounter. We had all just received a tremendous blessing in that He was helping us understand that everything that happens to us is some form of blessing from Him even though we may never see the fruit of it in this world. – Chuck