1/3/2012 On Christams day we visited the King of Kings congregation and saw this group of youth being menitored in Christ by Eddie James who have been traveling the world sharing their testimonies of Christ’ s changing power in their lives. Later that evening we heard the whole Handel’s Messiah performed in Hebrew by members of the Jerusalem Symphony orchestra; the program was filled with the scriptual refences to all the movements and the Holy Spirit elevated our vision of His power and plan over al the earth.

1/3/2012  We traveled by train on 12/23 through the scenic mountains surrounding Jeruslaem and were able to imagine David fleeing from King Saul and hiding in the rocks and caves and other such biblical events that are frequently impossible to do in the extensive building  that is now covering  the land of Israel. On the next day we took a free tour through the Old City of Jerusalem visiting the Arab, Armenian, Jewish and Christian quarters of the city and were amazed how these different faiths could live so harmoniously together in such close proximity. In the late afternoon we found a bus to Bethlehem foolishly expecting to find some fields to inspire our minds to worship the Lord in  the place He was born but were met by the concrete and traffic jams of our imposing western culture. After becoming tired of the busy congestion of international pilgrims as ourselves pictured here and escaping the downpour of rain, we arrived in Jerusalem  and celebrated Christmas Eve dinner at the best restuarant we’ve experienced to date. We were so thankful that God provided this gourmet meal at a restaurant with no sign. – Chuck