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We left Ethiopia May 14th to visit our family and friends in California, Nevada and Oregon and work on obtaining a work permit to live in Ethiopia long term.  Our first grandchild was born January 4th to our eldest daughter Hillary and we were  excited to begin being grandparents. Hillary and her partner Angel had set us up in a two bedroom apartment close to their house in Medford, Oregon, for the month.  It was awesome taking little Viva for walks on Bear Creek at 8:00 a.m. so Hillary could sleep, planting in the garden and making curtains for their house.  On June 28th our 19-year-old daughter Julia, Chuck and I began a 5-week tour of Turkey, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt before returning to Ethiopia where Julia would spend an additional month with us.  The highlights for Julia were seeing Ephesus and Pammukale, Turkey, swimming in the Dead Sea and hiking up a canyon with mineral springs in Jordan,  getting certified to scuba dive in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, and visiting the great museum in Cairo (see photos).