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We would really like to make Ethiopia our home, but the procedures to do so are quite extensive.  First we must have  our college diplomas, birth and marriage certificates notarized; then authenticated by an authorized department of state. Subsequently they must be authenticated by the U.S. Secretary of State’s office, and the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C.  After all of this is accomplished and over $1,000 is paid in fees, the documents are taken to the capital of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa and we must apply for a work permit through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  We are currently awaiting the outcome of this application.  Many foreigners are not allowed work permits which would allow them residency. If received, both the work permit and residency status must be renewed yearly.  We’re believing the Lord’s favor will see us through to a successful completion.  Your prayers are appreciated.

We’re back in Hawassa Ethiopia which strangely feels like home.  We spent 6 days in Addis Ababa at the SIM missions  waiting for Julia’s best friend and my cousin Gary and Felicia’s daughter to arrive from California.  While on the street a little boy stole Claire’s cell phone from the pocket of her jacket  and she discovered a major staff/anaerobic infection on her upper thigh.  The good news is we were in a city that offers good medical care.  The wound was attended to properly and the right antibiotics were prescribed.  Two weeks later she’s still on the mend cause progress is slow, but  we’re staying with Gary and Felicia this month while Julia is with us, and she can rest.

We found a tiny cabin on the grounds of the Norwegian Mission overlooking Lake Hawassa complete with reeds, hippos, dozens of  monkeys and mosquitoes.  We’ll be there for the month of September before we move into our friends’ home for three months while they are away on maternity leave.  By the first of the new year we will be free to find our own place.

Our priorities are to get back in touch with the orphans at Ebenezer Grace Children’s Home, prepare the two classes that Claire will be teaching at Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia beginning August 28th, and return to Amharic language studies.  Most important is to be in the Lord’s will and seek His face. When we do that there’s no telling what will happen or what we’ll end up doing.  Stay posted.  Lord bless, Claire and Chuck