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Before we left the U.S. in October, 2011, many people asked us if they could donate to our missions work.  We said that we didn’t want any donations, but that we would let you all know about extremely worthwhile causes once we found them.  First you must understand that a little bit of money goes a long way. One U.S. dollar equals 17.8 birr currently. So if you make a one time donation of only $35.00, that is equivalent to  623 birr; $56.00 is equal to 1,000 birr. So here are three very worthwhile projects you can donate to and make a BIG difference in the lives of many Ethiopians:

  1. Street Children’s Homes.  There are two good group homes: Bethel Street Children’s Home and Bright Life Ministries. Both feed, educate, nurture and teach Bible stories and the love of Jesus.   We have confidence in the Ethiopians running these two homes. Bright Life Ministries is run by 3 Christian university engineering students; one was previously a street child who was rescued by a group home. Bethel is run by Shiloh Bible College student.  Rent for one of these homes is $2,000 birr/month or $112.00/month.  Food, books, and clothing for each child is about another 445 birr a month or $25.00/mo. You can sponsor a child for $33.00/mo. I’m sure the organization will send you pictures of the child and give you updates and an opportunity to write and receive letters from the child you sponsor. You can send your check or donate through Pay Pal to Fire Over Africa, Brentwood,CA (for more information on donating, see last paragraph). oImage
  2. Ebenezer Grace Children’s Home is an impressive orphanage which is run by an Ethiopian and American couple.  It currently holds 20 children between the ages of two weeks old to eleven years. Most of the children are under the age of five. You can sponsor a child for $30.00/mo. For pictures and their blog email Rachel Ayele, and request to see their monthly blog. You can either donate to Gospel Community Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana or Fire Over Africa.
    Gary Munson, my cousin and President of Shiloh College Ethiopia, has set up a nonprofit corporation in the U.S. called Fire Over Africa to benefit worthy causes in Ethiopia.  You can donate to the organization of your choice using Pay Pal on the Fire Over Africa site or by writing a check to Fire Over Africa, P.O. Box 427, Brentwood, CA 94513.  See and write a separate email to me( stating the organization you're donating to and the funds will be directly sent to that organization. You will be given a receipt at the end of the year to deduct the donation from your taxes.  Chuck and I will keep you updated on our blog about the progress of each organization.