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We now have a physical address in Hawassa, Ethiopia!!!

             Chuck and Claire Craig

             P.O. Box 1526

             Hawassa SNNPR

             Ethiopia, Africa

In case you would like to send us something, what we know about the local post office is that you can send material donations through the above address and there are no taxes or tariffs on the post as long as the contents aren’t electronic merchandise, appliances etc.  Once you decide to send us anything, you would put the articles in a durable box weighing no more than 26 kilograms or 58 pounds, pay the postage and, upon receiving the post, we would distribute the articles as directed. You can send as many boxes under 58 pounds as you desire. If the weight is over 58 pounds, we would have to pay steep tariffs on the excess weight. We have no idea of the cost of postage but sending it the most inexpensive way is most advisable for all. We would suggest things for children’s ministry like Christian DVDs, puppets and simple musical instruments like tamborines. If you have other ideas, please e-mail us and talk to us about it.