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Christian and Groom with bunny and Teko's father's house 014

Merry Christmas!  Christmas is right around the corner and undoubtedly you are busy preparing for the customary festivities associated with celebrating Jesus’ birth.  To us there is nothing more fun and exciting than blessing children that don’t have much of anything with something really special for Christmas.  I’ve talked to the house parents and asked them what these children need the most and unanimously they agreed on the following list:

           Teddy bears or washable stuffed animals to hold and cuddle even for the older children;

            Story books 2nd-5th grade level for boys from Bright Life Mission or Emmanuel Support Center, K-4th grade for Ebenezer Grace, and 4th-8th grade level story books for boys from Bethel Street Children and Family Aid.

Christian DVDs or children’s very tame movies especially ones with English subtitles; and

 Educational DVDs that teach the English language like Sesame Street for young children.

These are items that would bless each and every child. Postage is expensive so we are suggesting lighter weight items.  The following is a list of children’s ages and addresses at each home so you can individually package an appropriate grouping and send off to their respective homes:

Ebenezer Grace Supporting and Development Assoc. (orphanage) currently has 27 children. 10 are infants, 6 are 1-2 years old, and 11 are 3-11 years old.  Two 3-year-olds are boys Emanuel and Agango, one 4-year old boy Yesozer, one 5-year-old boy Grum, and one 5-year-old girl Christian;  two 7 year-old girls Goiti and Lantu who is blind; one 12-year-old deaf girl Ruth; two ten year-old girls Beti and Fasika; and one 11-year-old girl Marta.

Send to: Argaw Ayele, c/oWoma Yaikob, Ebenezer Grace Children’s Home, P.O. Box 1662, Hawassa, SNNPR, Ethiopia

Bethel Street Children and Family Aid currently has 9 boys.  Mesfin and Sinyab are the youngest at age ten; Esayas, Shilota, Tefera, and Soloman are about twelve years old; Miratu, Eyob and Zirfu are 16.

Send to: Getachow Tikke, Bethel Street Children and Family Aid, P.O. box 1418, Hawassa, SNNPR, Ethiopia.

Emmanuel Support Center currently has 6 boys ranging from a 3-years-old boy, Dereje, Belay and Hanock age 7 or 8 years old, Kasu age 12, Yihun age 15.

Send to: Teketel Esayas, Emmanuel Support Center, P.O. Box 1417, Hawassa, SNNPR, Ethiopia.

Bright Life Mission currently has 6 boys plus 3 girls including Mashuka and Hoptamu ages 9-10; Aklelu and Sabla, a girl age 11; Bertikon, a girl age 12; Adugna age 13,  Yoseph and Abriham age 14, and Free, a girl age 16.

Send to: Mitiku Bogale or Ashenafi Tesfaye, Bright Life Mission, P.O. Box 1228, Hawassa, SNNPR, Ethiopia.

Thank you and have an awesome  Christmas!