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We are so appreciative of the help we receive, not from just our friends we have made here in Ethiopia, but also from our family supporting us with their prayers and gifts from abroad. We opened a Christmas care package from my sister and brother-in-law, Claudia and Ken, and in it she had thoughtfully inserted 2 dresses that two of our girls, Tigist and Beti, just loved!!! Things have greatly changed in Beti’s life; she first only wanted to be known by her muslim name, Hikma, but as she began to meet and admire the changes the Bethel Street boys had made in their lives and attended their Christian church, she decided to become a Christian and changed her name to Beti, meaning Bethlehem in Amharic. She started to attend our church, Christ Embassy, and we have had the privilege of seeing the depth of worship the Lord has worked in her heart as she kneels before Him and at other times dances and praises Him with total abandonment. She still struggles with submitting to authority figures, which she seems to have been lacking in her earlier childhood, but we believe that she’s developing the discipline and character she needs to have a prosperous life. Beti comes from a tiny village Agwamariam; her parents split up and both abandoned their five children forcing them to live together with few resources. At the time Beti was 9-years-old and was deceitfully put on a bus by her older brother who paid a friend to drop her in our town, Hawassa, to live on the streets and make her own way. We found her living near the bus station and eager to be adopted into a safer environment. She’s 12 now and will be entering first grade in a few weeks after being tutored 4 hours per day for 3 months in Amharic language, Math and English. I can’t express the joy it brings us to see children who did not have much of a future receive the tools and opportunities necessary to become anything they want to be.