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Tegegn and Berket's Rooms

A Working Model

We have been seeking a new and less expensive model for helping street children since becoming acquainted with the Anbesa Club previously mentionaed on our blog. By divine appointment, while inviting people to our Sunday evening service at the Pinna Hotel, I met Yadessa Negero, who worked with Christina, who started the Anbesa Club. As we were getting to know each other before the meeting, all the information that connected us both to this vision the Lord had given Christina unfolded. Since that time Claire and I visited the above home started by Yadessa and his associates. The home has been in operation for several months and they have become almost self-sustaining with a few setbacks caused by the manipulative and deceptive attitudes that are common with boys who have been on the streets for years. Through the God-given discernment and wisdom he receives, Yadessa is thoroughly aware of the earmarks of such remnant thinking in his daily conversations with the 8 boys he supervises and consensual agreements are instituted. It has been a blessing for us to know the Lord’s vision is being divinely supported as we move forward with supporting the Anbesa Boys.