Meet Addisu, another graduate in the support program. He was approved by the local government officials to sell on this favorable busy street in Hawassa but 3 weeks after beginning the business he was cased out by 4 older boys and robbed of all his merchandise and money. This is a lesson for all the other boys to sell together even though they might not like the competition with each other. He’s wearing his jacket and carrying his ID card that identifies him as a graduate of this highly approved program by the local officials. The boys need to make $1.50/day to pay for their rent and food for the month. The rest goes into their savings account to realize any future dreams. One of the hardest temptations is to delay immediate gratification of desired purchases in ordr to build up capital and prosper later. Another challenge is to aggressively sell your product and develop a joyful, expectant attitude that stirs compassion in those passing by. Some have this business presence naturally and others have to learn it in staged practice dramas.