Here are 4 street boys (from right to left – Bereket, Habtamu, Cherenet and Segai) washing my motorbike. They graduated from the training program as stated in our last entry in August and now they are in a 2 month support program, where they are learning practical methods of business management (i.e. saving enough money each day until they can pay their rent and have enough money for food throughout the following month). They also opened their group association bank accounts according to the type of businesses in which they are engaged, allowing them to save money to either expand their present business or engage in another. They are living together in groups of 3 boys to a room and learning to resolve their conflicts, cook their food and follow the instructions of their caseload managers. From the first cycle of 32 graduates another 10 boys left the support program after being placed in their rooms and given an inventory of products to sell on the street. The boys face many practical and spiritual problems which their managers often never know about until they suddenly leave. Some return to their addictions or some decide to sell their own or steal the merchandise of others with whom they are living as a get rich scheme. We have learned much through this first cycle of street children and will make adjustments in both the screening and training of the next cycle of boys. The remaining 20 boys are still struggling with their businesses but are willing to help train and prepare the next cycle of candidates for the challenges from which they have learned.