DSCN0409After spending one month in Dar es Salaam, we traveled to Moshi in the Northeast of Tanzania. Our experiences at Christ Embassy in Dar had been exhilarating and anointed, as many people surrendered their souls to the Lord and entered into His Kingdom. Daily we would meditate on the Word, listen to Christ Embassy teachings and the anointing of the Spirit would enable us to respond to the needs of the souls we were meeting. If they received Christ, we would encourage them to attend our church and build their lives on the knowledge gained through His Word. We began to understand that the Lord is faithful to supply the anointing needed when we minister to those not yet in His kingdom. Our greatest physical challenge was the extreme heat of Dar but as our blood became thinner and the anointing thicker we readily adapted to the heat. During this first month, we also managed  to obtain Tanzanian driver’s licenses and purchased a 1996 Toyota Land-Cruiser (pictured here).  It’s a tough, well-elevated vehicle and negotiates the deepest ruts without bottoming out, often necessary in this country!

         DSCN0322Our journey to Moshi in the North was beautiful and uneventful. After traveling all day through tropical landscapes, we arrived in Moshi on Christmas Eve and received help in finding our room from Sister Margaret (pictured to the left). The climate is dramatically cooler in the north thus there is no need for air-conditioning.  We celebrated Christmas Day with her, her husband Ely and the 29 children she was caring for at their orphanage called Children of Destiny Foundation. The children, ages 10 to 17 attend school in Kenya and their room and board are paid by donations given to the orphanage. They have been taught in the Word of God since entrance into the orphanage and, when we went to evangelize the neighborhood, the older youth were very enthusiastic and the younger ones were eager to help in any way they could.

               DSCN0353Later that afternon, we attended a community Christmas celebration where old and young rejoiced in the the birth of our Lord Jesus. Claire and I were asked to present something and we boldly and unabashedly sung “Mary Did you Know?” Shortly afterwards, the DJ played the Kenny Rodgers rendition over the sound system and though our version was greatly lacking in professionalism, we concluded that angels had been rejoicing about us over the joyful noise we had just made. There were many believers from different denominations, predominantly Catholic and Lutheran, and we took the opportunity at the end of the program to pass out Rhapsody of Realities and invite them to discuss the gift of Righteousness God has extended to all those who have been born from above. Over the next week we met many of the college students (pictured at the left) and shared the good news of our new life in Christ. It was truly a glorious Christmas Day and a week thereafter for us.