DSCN0484          We had a wonderful time in Moshi communicating the Good News to many residents about their inheritance in Christ Jesus. The CEC church there was in the process of rebuilding and advancing to a higher level after many of the leaders had spread to other areas of Tanzania. So we were thanking the Father for giving us an opportunity to help in the rebuilding process! We handed out many Rhapsody of Realities to those who were interested in understanding their inheritance in Christ and submitted those names to the leaders who would follow up on encouraging them in their spiritual growth. The youth pictured here helped us evangelize their neighborhood before they left for school and we left to our next duty station in Arusha.


DSCN0491                We moved to Arusha on the suggestion of our country and zonal pastor, Pastor Ken and were housed in the same residence as Pastor Edewor, who 2 months earlier had helped us find our room in Dar. We were so happy to see him again and he poured into us many teachings that added to our understanding of the Spiritual Power of Prayer and anointing promised by the First Fruits and Seed Offerings in the scriptures. We continued to spend hours in Arusha’s streets encouraging many people to come to services and be taught the Word of God. While attending the services in Arusha, we saw many people come to services, give their lives to the Lord and commit to continued attendance so their faith could grow in the grace of Christ. Claire is pictured here with Haji, a muslim to whom she ministered the gospel and he chose to receive the new life offered to him by Christ.

DSCN0496           After our fruitful work in Arusha, we continued to move forward towards Uganda, the English-speaking nation in which the Spirit had directed us to minister. Although we had established loving relationships in the places where the Spirit had led us and we are missing all the pastors, brothers and sisters, our spirits were excited to settle in a place where we could begin disciplining those who were experiencing their new life in Christ. There were two paths to enter Uganda from Arusha. The easiest was through Nairobi but, despite our natural fears of passing through the Serengeti over rough roads and doubtful accommodations, we wanted to see one of the great wonders of the Lord’s creation. We managed to do it in 2 days and it was glorious. If we didn’t have our vehicle we could have never made it! Thanks Baraka!


          Here’s some of the tough characters we met on the trip. According to one of the Tanzanian Rangers that we gave a ride to in carrying out his work in catching poachers, the water buffalo is the most dangerous of the Big 5 as they often are hidden in the bush and attack when surprised.  The government is seriously trying to cut down on poaching as the rhino and elephant populations have been decimated over the past 10 years for the value of their horns and tusks. Sometimes we would get lost trying to orient ourselves with a tourist map but God built our confidence and faith. The paid guides in their safari vehicles were very helpful and often would direct our paths when we got lost; all the glory to Jesus. This is a trip that everyone should have on their bucket list of vacations!!! When we went into the Ngorogoro Crater, the herds of wildebeests, water buffalo, zebra, giraffe and 2500 lions were amazing!


DSCN0577         DSCN0581














The concentration of animals was less dramatic when we left the Crater and traveled into the Serengeti but seeing the Maasai people and the resourcefulness of their way of life in such harsh circumstances was encouraging that God is truly our source and will provide for all the needs of His children ( 1 Co. 10:13).

Before we left the Serengeti on the second day, we visited this Hippo pool and it was amazing to see the piles of them scattered about the rivers flowing from the surrounding mountains. Although the hippos have a naturally generated ointment produced by their skins, they still need the water to moisten their skins during the day or their skin would crack and bleeding would result in a very bad case of psoriasis. As we lunched at the pool, another helpful guide informed us that the hippos come out in large herds in the coolness of the night air and forage on land for food.