We have now settled at Christ Embassy Church in Jinja, Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria in an apartment on the opposite side of the Victoria Nile River. Every day we cross the dam of the Victoria Nile which  generates electricity to the surrounding region to generate our own supernatural power to evangelize the area around our church, bringing others to the knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ and giving them an opportunity to grow in His Word. I was placed in a cell named Diplomat I and Claire decided to start her own cell to reach out to the youth of Jinja. As soon as we arrived Diplomat I cell had planned to reach out to a nearby community, Mpumudde, and we spent 2 weeks going house to house inviting all to the Saturday Night showing of a Pastor Chris teaching on “An Atmosphere for Miracles”. Many people were healed and some gave their lives to Christ. I have included a picture of our team below. Every day after a few hours of visiting, we would meet in the house behind and share stories of how people responded to the gospel message and each day our passion and anointing to preach and teach grew.


Many Ugandans consider themselves to be Born Agains but as we would share what this means, they would be surprised at what the scriptures say regarding, who they are in Our Father’s eyes. You are forever righteous before your Father in heaven (Ro. 5:17) and you’ve been given a brand new life in His Anointing (2 Co. 3:5 and 5:17) shining with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. His love, patience, kindness,… and self-control (Gal. 5:22) is growing in your souls and temples from one stage of glory to another. Our pastor has mandated that all members of the Jinja church complete the Foundation Training in the next 2 months and the call has resulted in 40 commitments to set aside the time in their work schedules. We expect all the cells in the church to flourish and  are planning to change the venue soon to accommodate the growth. We are settling into our new family here in Jinja and learning how to work effectively together to impact the city of Jinja. For us, the most important goal for each day is to preach the gospel until another soul receives the love of Christ in their hearts and recognizes their is nothing that surpasses the love of God and joy that comes from being adopted into His family.