Village PaintingWe have made some great friends and mission partners, who support their ministries by their own artwork. Here’s an example that sells for $70; Black and White paintings are at $50. We are leaving in 3 weeks and would like to save on shipping costs, so make your orders quickly. You can also commission work. Describe what you would like them to paint in this style and of what colors and after its completed, they will take a picture of the completed work and, if you like it, it will be sent to you. Love the Craigs.

We are deleting this entry to support our mission partners as the logistics in buying and shipping paintings has become expensive and problematic. We choose not to explain the details and difficulties but assure the few buyers awaiting the arrival of their purchases that upon returning to the United States in 12/16, any costs incurred by them will be remunerated by us. Sorry for the inconveniences and dashed hopes. The Lord is in control and all things work out for the best for those who love Him. Love Chuck and Claire