In July 2016, we left Jinja, Uganda after gifting our one entanglement, our chariot (the 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser), to 4 beloved pastors that so greatly helped us in our journey from Hawassa, Ethiopia through Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. We have been so appreciated, trained and loved by all in every church at which we stayed and worked. Special thanks to Pastor John Devine in Mwanza for closing the deal in our absence and distributing the proceeds to the pastors that have blessed us with their counsel, direction and help in our evangelical efforts. Oh, how beautiful and powerful is the body of Christ in this world.

Christ Embassy Convocation Arena in Lagos, Nigeria where we attended the ICLC.

Christ Embassy Convocation Arena in Lagos, Nigeria where we attended the ICLC.

After flying from the Entebbe, Uganda in July, we landed in Lagos, Nigeria where we attended the Christ Embassy International Cell Leaders Conference (ICLC). It was an inspiring week where we were taught by Pastor Christ and instructed by many other anointed leaders of this global church. The culmination of the event was the awards presentation on Saturday evening, in which the most successful cell leaders and bible study class teachers from all over the world were awarded trophies for their efforts. Over the past four years from our local church in Hawassa, Ethiopia, we had seen the event, which is live streamed throughout the world but, being taught in the arena itself, has inspired us to do greater things in the Kingdom. We attended the global church service on Sunday and in the evening we attended the music concert where many of the CEC praise and worship leaders (i.e. Sinach, Eben, Israel Strong, Rap Nation, etc.) led us into higher levels of glory in our worship of Jesus and the Father. Their songs are CEC expressions of the scriptural doctrine we have all learned, preached and live in; please check them out on YouTube to get a taste of the passion of it all!!!

We also met Pastor Cynthia, our present overseer in Sierra Leone and made arrangements to unite with her upon our arrival in Freetown, the capital city. At the Freetown airport, we were greeted by a brother at the airport, escorted to a charter speedboat in Tulun and then crossed a stretch of ocean to dock in Aberdeen, the northern part of the Freetown Peninsula.  We were warmly welcomed by many of the brethren at our present Congo Cross church. We were driven to the YMCA where we stayed for 3 weeks until we found our present residence at 20 A Barracks Rd., Murraytown, Sierra Leone.


Prayerfully, we searched various catchment areas of the suburbs of Freetown, immediately rejecting some of the more affluent, westernized communities before finding our present three bedroom furnished second story flat pictured here.In the process, we have had various challenges ranging from frightening to irritating but now have overcome them all, so we can say now say this is home.



We started two CEC church cells in Murraytown but have combined them into one, which is called New Creation Cell named after the spiritual reality found in 2 Corinthians 5:17.




We are quickly developing inspired cell members, who are helping us expand the Kingdom in Murraytown by preaching and teaching God’s Word and even training other disciples to do the same.





living-areaAlso, in only 3 months, we have become legal permanent residents of Sierra Leone with drivers licenses and without being encumbered by any of the regulations of NGOs!






The Father has truly blessed us in achieving the vision He has set us upon!