Free Land?

In Sierra Leone the Monday after Easter is a public holiday so Christ Embassy Church celebrates this day world-wide so our New Creation Cell decided to reach out into 3 adjacent communities in our catchment area

Because of the high population density, the communities of Mefengbeh, Kolastic and Carlton Carew were targeted to present an “Easter Fiesta” and we were planning to serve 500 children.








We planned to have four different “station” activities with four different “crews” of 60 children in each crew rotating for 1 hour and thereafter invite the remaining children into a second shift.We boldly began marking each child’s hand to identify any child who might attempt to pass through twice but as the number of children approached 800, we had to quickly redesign our strategy in mid stream to accommodate all.

Food Distribution

The activities were making beaded bracelets, running relay races, hearing a story about the resurrection coupled with an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and the last, a sit on the ground lunch of rice and chicken.



Fortunately, the Lord of the Harvest faithfully added to our small team from other members of our church and the program finished 4 hours later peaceably and productively with 100s of children proclaiming Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Now as our cell members visit in any of those communities, we are greeted with smiles from the children and thanks from the family members who are caring for them.