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Chuck gave me the honor of writing about the special time we had with our daughter and our soon to be son-in-law, Ranson Evans. Also I get to share that it was our 25th wedding anniversary which I’m sure some of you appreciate cause I read your comments about the love of your life on Facebook, and although Chuck is definitely the love of my life and I can’t imagine living without him, he doesn’t replace our single most important love, Jesus.











I’m sure most of you will agree with me that the opportunity to get to know our children’s soon-to-be life partner is an honor and moment not to be missed.  Ranson actually showed me the engagement ring, asked me to take care of it for him, and asked Chuck for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  Hard to get much better than that. Now we are waiting for the big date to be announced.







Malaga and Velencia, Spain, are nice, with epicurean delights and historical beauty, but by far our time spent with each other outweighed the magnificence of a new, delightful environment.  Look at the joy our daughter is experiencing immediately after Ranson proposes. How romantic!



Again, we have gained great favor in our community! While Charles was evangelizing with one of our New Creation cell members, he later found out, that the person to whom he preached the gospel and had received Jesus as Lord and Savior, was the manager of the Community Football field. Outreach arrangements were made  through him and we got free use of the covered area of the field. Many members of our cell helped in distributing over 700 invitations to our event named, “The  Healing Power of Jesus Within You”.







During the distribution many of the invitees were saved and of the 70 that attended, we are following up on 30 of them. Two have already heeded the challenge to become disciples and have joined our leadership team. The enemy tried hard to derail our program agenda when one of our members provoked a fight with the newly born again manager of the field, setting the start of the program back 1 hour. 6 people were saved at the program and 15 people wanted prayer for healing. Although our cell membership is still vacillating in consistent attendance, we have now 7 leaders who appear committed to the work of Kingdom expansion.

Casablanca Field is ideally situated next to the community market and all of the areas, in which we have been preaching and teaching, border the area of the field. We are planning to use the same field for our outreach in mid June before our anniversary but with a different outreach strategy. Claire and I are teaming up with each of our 7 leaders and visiting many of those on our 700 name database and either preaching the gospel or teaching from the Rhapsody of Realities devotional. The members of our cell have been taught this approach in one of our cell meetings and we are praying that the 7 leaders will be more influential with other members in encouraging them to preach and teach the gospel. Our challenge to each member is to pray and heed the Holy Spirit’s direction to engage in a spiritual conversation  with 3 to 5 friends or neighbors and invite them to the outreach. We believe this strategy will be much more effective in the growth of our members.