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Considering the extreme poverty and need for education for the poor and disenfranchised children and youth of Freetown, Sierra Leone, it was clear and urgent that we should extend a helping hand at the beginning of this school year to those in the greatest need. Over the past year we searched for someone who might help us fulfill the vision of the ministry we had started six years ago in Ethiopia, Friends of Street Children of the World. We found a competent and trusted person who would interview and select the most appropriate and needy children or youth between the ages of 6 and 20. Two weeks before the beginning of this school year many children were interviewed who had no financial ability to attend school because of extreme poverty.  Thirty-seven children were selected and began school.


It was a very busy and challenging time as this project had been added to our usual time spent in cell ministry. We had many children and their caregivers requesting interviews at our home, which continues to be very time consuming. Besides the children and youth receiving an education in school, we require that they attend a New Creation Cell function held weekly in our house. They are growing in spiritual knowledge and are becoming successful in all aspects of their lives including school.  Many of these children had missed major learning blocks such as reading and consequently were failing in the past in most aspects of their education.  Because of the powerful work of God’s Spirit in their lives, their education has turned around and they are becoming successful often for the first time.  Two of them have been appointed leaders of the Scripture Unions at their schools, where they lead interested students in beginning their day with prayer and hearing scripture. Others are developing into leaders in our cell and are winning and building souls.  They truly are becoming New Creations according to 2Cor 5:17!

We are also continuing with Claire’s WIG, Women’s Income Generation, program and are placing a few mothers of these indigent children into a catering and tailoring program. As time goes on we will develop more adequate assessment strategies to determine who can best benefit from our assistance, but so far we haven’t noticed any problems. During the school year we will put our efforts on evaluating each student’s progress, determining what they need to improve, and providing remedial assistance where needed.

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We want to continue to give you, our friends, an opportunity to assist these kids in their education which makes their futures much brighter and more promising. One dollar goes a long way as it equals 7,600 Leones which easily feeds a family of four two meals for one day.  Hard to believe poverty like this, but our dollars go farther than I ever imagined or thought possible.  We are paying an average of 600,000 Le or $78.00 for one student in middle school for one year which includes books, notebooks, pens, pencils, shoes, uniforms, athletic clothes, and cost of special events.  At this time of year many are thinking tax deductions, so please consider Friends of Street Children of the World and radically change a child’s life. Below is the contact information:

Friends of Street Children of the World. Matanuska Federal Credit Union, 1020 S. Bailey St., Palmer, Ak 99645. Acct. #990000146780. Routing #325272335. Phone:907-745-4891, fax#907-694-4891.


Paypal Account:;

EIN Tax ID #47-1223856 for this 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation;

Karen Crandall, my sister, is the President and manages the account. Her contact information is 907-354-3331, 14041 W. Big Lake Rd., Wasilla, Alaska 99623-4858.

We all thank you so very much for considering assisting one of these children with school fees and supplies.